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April 19 2017

April 13 2017

March 23 2017

March 21 2017


Imagine if book pages collected sunlight during the day so that when you open a book at night, you can read it in the dark without a reading lamp because they glow.

They would literally light up your life in the darkness.

What if books carried syphilis and your nose fell off? And you’re thinking that’s amazing. Where would you even learn something like that? I’ll tell you. The internet. I learned it on the fucking internet. Which also, rather conveniently, glows. Like holy shit. Right now. Its lighting up your life in the darkness. Fuck off.






Criminal gets pepper sprayed: ‘OMG POLICE BRUTALITY, WAS THAT NECESSARY???? Woooow..’
A lady gets pepper sprayed just because she may have been a Trump supporter: ‘big mood’ ‘this is festive! 👌🙌’ ‘😭😭😂😂’

Hey, I’m sorry, but I don’t think anyone’s glad that that happened..

they are though, sorry..

You’re missing the point of why these riots started.
I can’t be your friend anymore. Good luck with everything.

“Nobody’s supporting this!”


“You’re missing the point!!

These riots started because a campus that historically supported and preserved free speech turned around and violently suppressed dissent, then tried to act like they were “defending” free speech. There’s no “point” you can fucking argue in favor of this that doesn’t end with you looking like a authoritarian.

The trash takes itself out.

“I CAN’T BE YOUR FRIEND ANYMORE” (because you publicly humiliated me for my silly ideas).

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these animations are an artform in themselves 


Can you imagine being one of the dumb assholes that preordered this game?

March 20 2017

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Can anyone translate this?

Destroy all creatures with power greater than or equal to 3.

Consequence - Cast this sorcery only from your graveyard, then exile it.
Return all creature cards with power 2 or less from your graveyard to your hand.

Not a bad card…

as someone who has been cursed by the world of vintage. its not a good card.

Vintage is soo unbalanced.

Nah man just spend a couple thousand dollars on a very select few cards deemed worthwhile and have a deck like a shit ton of other people and you’ll be well on your way to playing games that dont last longer then four turns

Sounds legit. Wait 2 secs while I refinance my house so I can play the local and the global meta.

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How do you know Orange is the New Black is written by Feminists? Because where women have done everything from murder children to planting bombs.. every single one of the rapists (in a women’s prison) just happens to be male.

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Can anyone translate this?

Destroy all creatures with power greater than or equal to 3.

Consequence - Cast this sorcery only from your graveyard, then exile it.
Return all creature cards with power 2 or less from your graveyard to your hand.

Not a bad card…

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Can anyone translate this?

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Feminism: When he watches porn it’s rape. But only when he does.

Are you a young woman who has watched porn? Feminists will tell you that YOU aren’t a rapist… but any man that did the *exact same thing you did* is.

Feminism isn’t a movement about equality.



Tumblr and the internet at large has a misunderstanding of how the alignments work. The character alignments of D&D are motivations for the character’s actions, not a moral judgement of them.

Take for example Judge Frollo from Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Most people would classify his alignment as Lawful Evil. Because he’s a very strict guy, and he’s an evil bastard. But that’s your judgement of his character, not what drives him to act.

Being Lawful Evil means using systems and rules in order to fulfill selfish needs. And while Frollo definitely does that, it’s not his primary motivation.

His primary motivations are to use the law and the church to purge the world of evil, sin, vice, and corruption. His actions in the name of this goal and his hypocrisy make him evil, but he himself is driven by the desire to do good. Therefore, his alignment would be Lawful Good.

Some of the best villains in fiction have the desire to do good, but their methods, whether within or outside the system, make them villains. They’re usually Chaotic Good or Lawful Good in their alignment.

No, this is a completely warped view of the alignment system. The CHARACTER doesn’t know their alignment… so even if they might think their actions are good they could still very much be evil.

This is why, if a player causes their character to consistently take evil actions the DM will cause the characters alignment to shift from say lawful good to lawful evil or neutral.

March 19 2017



Some Nerd: THERE ARE ONLY TOW GENEDERRRERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Official D&D 5E Player’s Handbook:


And kobolds are good little communists.


Just you wait.

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I love it when Feminists are honest…

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Let yourself feel.

Thanks for the inspiration @kindersuggestion :)

If you need validation like this from Tumblr posts chances are you’re oversensitive, prone to overreacting, and if it hurts you its because you turn into a blubbering mess whenever you don’t get your way.

Sorry people like a little positivity and acknowledgement in their life you fucking sociopath

This isn’t about positivity… this is about pity. Self-pity.

No, this is about people who won’t speak out about their issues because they’re afraid they’ll be overshadowed by other people’s issue (yours is worse than mine mentality). The probables with this is that people who are severely hurting won’t get help because people like you call them weak without knowing what they’re going through.
Everyone feels pain differently and you can’t invalidate one person in favor of another.

Everyone feels pain differently and you can’t invalidate one person in favor of another.

Yes I can. I just did.

Nvm, you’re fuckin nuts

You have to give up, you have to give up
You have to realize that someday you will die
Until you know that, you are useless

Just because we die one day doesn’t mean we can’t have pleasures in life. Everyone deserves a sense of validation, that they aren’t just some big mistake. Anyway, I’m not going to go sit in a hole and wait for time to take its course.

My view on the "taxation is theft" meme





Personally, I hate taxes. I hate the fact that twice a month every month I get more than a quarter of my paycheck taken away, and I have 0 say in the matter. I hate the fact that my paycheck is taxed to fund government programs that I don’t support whatsoever. I hate the fact that even after you pay off a house mortgage, you must pay a tax to the government or else they’ll come and take your property from you.

Taxes are, for all intents and purposes, in their current form, theft. It is money you have earned, being taken from you under the threat of force. Okay? That is simply the fact of the matter.

But notice I said “in their current form”. This is because there are forms of taxation that are not theft.

I’ve supported the idea of replacing all current taxes with a national luxury sales tax, pretty much ever since I read @mr-cappadocia’s post on the matter and started reading/listening to more information on the subject.

And having only a national luxury sales tax accomplishes a few things:

1. It makes taxation an entirely voluntary transaction by not taxing any transactions necessary for day-to-day life such as buying food, water, and potentially toiletries. This is why I stress it as a *luxury* sales tax.

2. It essentially forces the government to compete in the free market. If the government implements policies that hurt the market, then people have less disposable income, which means the government collects less taxes.

3. It frees up more income for those in poverty, potentially allowing them to get off of government welfare programs. A person getting taxed $200 less each paycheck no longer needs $200 in food stamps in order to feed themselves.

4. It allows individual citizens to determine their own tax contribution amount. Those who disagree with the current government policies could hold off on buying luxury items, depriving the government of their tax dollars.

So when I post/share something in the vein of “taxation is theft”, it encompasses the greater point of “the current form of taxation is inherently coercive, by definition it is theft, and is therefore immoral and should be changed”, not the Anarcho-capitalist idea of eliminating taxes and government entirely.

I’m sure other people aren’t thinking this, but these are my personal thoughts on the issue as what I guess you could call a Conservative Libertarian.

That’s still theft. If I say “hey I’ll let you engage in any voluntary transaction you want but I’m gonna steal from you in relation to how much you spend on certain items” you’re still stealing from people. You’re now just doing it in proportion to how much they spend on “non necessities”.

If I stood north of the place you lived and said “if you travel north I’ll attack you. But everything you /need/ is south of here so if you choose to go north then it’s your free choice to be attacked” I’m still assaulting your life liberty and property

And what’s a luxury? The government can decide GM is a necessity but Toyota is a luxury. You’re not only continuing theft and just implementing a fancy version of the thing called the Fair Tax (a contradiction in terms) but also giving the government a new way to skew markets and make them less efficient and more cronyist.

It’s voluntary insofar as if *you* make it, or if it’s a necessity (even if government determined necessity) you’re not taxed.

This means your home isn’t taxed, and if you buy it from some asshole down the street it’s not taxed.

Keep in mind *only* retail is taxed.

I wholly endorse government as defanged as possible… but I still believe there must be government in some form (if only to ensure another worse form of government doesn’t take root).

A government who’s income is wholly determined by the prosperity of the spending class is a government very much invested in the well being of that class. This is extraordinarily important.

I see taxes as a necessary evil, the debate is in how much can be -or what can be- taxed within reason. And this is probably the best solution I’ve seen, forcing the government to essentially compete with itself for the taxes is a very good idea. It simultaneously solves many problems with the current tax system while setting in place a new one that is as un-intrusive as possible.

Also, the analogy of “assaulting my liberty” given the proposed system is moronic. Luxury items are by definition not necessary, and taxing them is well within the given context. But the concern for “what is a luxury item” and “what if one thing is and this other identical thing is not” is a very legitimate concern.

I understand the concern over “luxury” items being vague… So just think of luxury items as retail products that aren’t food and it’ll give you a good idea on what’s going to be taxed.

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